Technical Writing

User Documentation

Technical Writing is a form of training and usability. Your documents should be focused on helping customers understand your tools and systems as easily as possible. Clear documentation is as indispensable for encouraging customer loyalty as the product itself.

I will work with your staff and, if possible, your users to understand your system and deliver the most accessible guides possible. Depending on your needs, guides can take the form of paper or online documents, online help systems, in-application tooltips, or a combination of methods.

Functional Requirement Specifications

Your documentation should be an integrated part of your overall usability design. The time to bring in a documentation specialist is at the beginning of a project when you are designing your interface. Clear functional specifications written by a writer who has worked with you from the ground up will allow your developers and designers to approach the project having foreseen as many contingencies and use cases as possible. The writer will integrate the design specifications as a complete system, helping you to locate design flaws before they get implemented; greatly reducing development cost and time.

Business Processes

Having detailed documentation covering the critical and day-to-day aspects of your business can both save and earn you money. If you have process documentation available, training costs for new and replacement employees are greatly reduced, existing employees can more easily cover for each other when colleagues are unavailable, and customers and financiers can remain comfortable that your business will continue running when faced with adverse situations.

Continuity of Business

Does your business have a detailed plan in place for unexpected events? Failure to plan for server failures, supply-chain breakdowns, natural disasters, personnel turnover, theft, data breaches, and other problems that may affect your business can lead to massive financial loss, customer loyalty breakdown, and liability issues. The time to put a plan in place and to review the plans of your vendors is before an event occurs. Detailing a plan will allow you to act calmly during a crisis and to identify areas where your continuity plans need improvement.


Many customers prefer to work with companies that have demonstrated the ability to maintain up-time and information security. Becoming certified by third-party auditors can help increase your visibility in the marketplace. I am experienced writing and managing documentation for Business Process, Continuity of Business, and Security audits.