Freelance Technical Writer for software and hardware products. Previous academic research focus in Cognitive Neuroscience, Psychology, and Human Factors. Additional experience with web design, graphical design, video production, and statistical analysis.



User documentation, Reference guides, Functional Requirement Specifications, Business Processes, User Interface Design



Freelance Technical Writer
Lowenthal Technical Communications
January 2012 – Present

Technical Writer
Burst Media
June 2008 – January 2012

Training, Documentation, and Technical Support Specialist
Applied Science Laboratories
February 2005 – January 2008

Senior Research Technician, Lab Manager
Interpersonal Perception and Communication Laboratory
Harvard University & Tufts University
February 2002 – August 2004

Research Assistant
NIMH Center for the study of Emotion and Attention
University of Florida
February 2000 – July 2001



Bachelors of Science in Psychology
University of Florida
December 1999



Cognitive Psychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Physiological Psychology, Attention, Perception, Human Factors & Usability

Experimental Design and Analysis with Statistics and Statistical Analysis




Technical Writing: User Manuals, Reference Manuals. Training Material, Internal Documentation, Web Material, Specification Documents, Scientific Publications, Federal Grants, Marketing & Sales Document

Technical Training: Individual, Small Group.  In-person & Web Based.  Training Video Production, Training Support Material Development



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